Between The Pixels

Website Redesign

Between The Pixels was born December 2006.

The first website was cutting edge (entirely CSS based when tables were common) and employed striking imagery throughout.  A Lightbox was used for the portfolio gallery and all was good.

3 years on and a change of direction was needed.

We've stripped away all non-essential imagery and focused purely on the portfolio. We've moved away from using a Lightbox in favour of a simple, more intuitive and more informative page-based structure.

A new CMS (MODx) is in place that streamlines the addition of new projects.  Many benefits of the CMS became apparent during production. 

Project highlight was finally deciding the visuals worked and making the first template in record time using a new CSS grid system ( 

Project low was 'finishing' the site and then checking it out in IE6.  Ouch.  Several hours later and it looks great even in that creaky old browser.

So now our own website is finally up to date and we can't wait to implement the new techniques we've learned into our clients' sites.  :)